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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  September 26, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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right now, a horrific scene in maryland, a woman run over by a hit-and-run driver and thrown under another vehicle. a man shot and killed in broad daylight triggers a standoff. we're there as officers zero in on the suspect. and the redskins hit the road for the first time this season, trying to get back in the win column. we'll preview the afternoon matchup with the rams. >> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. melanie alnwick is off today. and a look at how trash could
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save you some cash. but first the summer like temperatures have been baking. if you got used to it, things are about to change. gwen tolbert is down in the weather center with change. >> talk about one extreme to the other. let's look at what the highs were yesterday because we broke records at a couple of locations. 93 degrees at national airport. 93 at dulles. and that was a record that was broken. and baltimore 91 degrees. well we're a far cry from that as we move through into the course of today. already starting out very much on the cooler side. we currently have 67 degrees at national airport. only 59 degrees at gaithersburg. and we've got 59 at fredericksberg as well. and 68 degrees at annapolis. our live doppler radar showing you we have a little bit of wet weather moving in across the region. and that is something we're going to keep an eye on during
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the course of the day. a few light sprinkles right now. we'll see that change during the course of the evening hours. and back to the maps. for today, we're talking over cast highs. high of 71 degrees. almost 20 degrees cooler than yesterday and that's the kind of trend we're looking at. i'll have the details and a look at the five-day later. back to you melanie. >> thanks, gwen. a woman clings to life as police hunt for a hit-and-run driver in montgomery county. now this happened just after 8:00 last night in the 8700 block of carol avenue in silver spring. a speeding driver hit the 44- year-old woman. she was then thrown under a parked pickup truck. she suffered a skull fracture and went into respiratory arrest at the scene. police are surging anybody with information to give them a call. well a tight knit community comes together to remember a woman and her children. the 24-year-old handed her children out a winder but she
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never made it out alive. we look at the outpouring of grief. >> reporter: it's a messure of how much the family was loved and how many here are suffering. 24-year-old ally anderson and her sons 5-year-old solomon and alfonso were all lost in a devastating fire. >> she seemed like the most loving, wonderful mother. her kids are just like her. beautiful family, good people. >> ally and the kids made a big impression on everybody. they were always out here playing with my son and playing with the kids, riding bikes and it really hit home. >> reporter: early wednesday morning the family townhome caught fire trapping anderson and her five children on the second floor. she was able to toss three of them to safety but lost her
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life to the save the other two. >> i heard manny cry out in the morning and i didn't know it was him and i called 911 and i came outside and i saw him and i dropped to my knees and it was just a terrible thing. >> reporter: this vigil was not just to honor the lives lost, but also the reluctant hero who caught the three surviving children. >> we want to thank you for being there, during the time of that tragedy. every life could have been lost but you being there, being able to catch those babies, you caught those babies. >> reporter: no the community is rallying around the father and remaining children and their extended family. >> we're just trying to embrace each other really hard because you never know when our time comes. we are very close. >> reporter: the aunt tells me the three surviving children are out of the hospital with their father and doing as well
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as can be expected. in the meantime, tentative funeral arrangements are set for wednesday. in lorton, i'm roz plater, fox 5 news. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation but neighbors suspect it may have been starting by burning candles because the power had been turned off at the time. we do know the cause of this week's massive fire in manassas. investigators say a man threw cigarettes into the mulch of potted plants there. three homes were destroyed on tillette loop on thursday. no charges are being filed. the fire is being called accidental. a strip mall in falls church is a total loss. flames gutted the two story building on annandale road. the mall was evacuated just before part of the roof collapsed. no one was injured. investigators are trying to figure out how that fire started. a frightening evening for folks living in one of the largest apartment buildings in southeast d.c. a man was shot and killed on a street in broad daylight. the two gunman ran into the
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building and that set off a door to door search. matt acland picks up the story. >> reporter: it happened right in the middle of the street. police focus much of their murder investigation on top of southern avenue as they collected evidence, two special teams called active shooter squads were called in to search this huge 12-story building. officers went door to door looking for possible suspects inside. >> they soughted -- they started on the ground level and went to each floor and kept officers on each floor to keep pedestrian traffic down and we went floor by floor until we did the entire building. >> reporter: residents were told to stay inside their apartments. officers were posted at all exits, stairwells and in the main lobby. the residents who were not at home at the time of the shutdown were forced to wait outside for hours. >> they said be patient and wait. >> i guess a gunman ran into the building. >> reporter: one of the special police teams ended up finding
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the two people that could be connected to the shooting on the 11th floor inside an apartment. one man attempted to jump over the balcony before being arrested. the entire search took two hours but police administrators are saying it was a job well- done by all officers. >> that was an outstanding guys. they were professional and right on top of what they needed to be doing. they worked together as a unit. i'm so proud of them, i don't know what to do. >> reporter: two person being called persons of interest were taken from the building and handcuffed. at this point charges have not been filed n. southeast, matt acland, fox 5 news. >> now police say they do continue to search the building until they found the two weapons believed to be used in the murder. d.c. police on hunt for suspects on a deadly shooting in northwest in the 4400 block of georgia avenue. officers found a man on the
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ground suffering from gunshot wounds. the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. a first of its kind conviction in maryland. a teacher's aid in howard county has been found guilty of sex abuse without ever touching a child. katherine carol explains. >> reporter: carl walker leaves court after being convicted of sex abuse. at bryant woods elementary school in columbia, 38-year-old walker was a teacher's aid. he wrote more than 30 love letters to an 8-year-old girl, stating i want to kiss and hug. i'm not a perverted psycho stalker but i have dreams every night of holding you. >> you wrote you're not a perverted stalker but the judge made a ruling today. do you have anything to say? >> reporter: the conviction was not based on a physical sex attack, but on exploitation outlined in the letters. >> there is this constant
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reference to hugging and kissing, and wanting to be with you and on a trip to las vegas and she's asleep in his arms. it was overwhelming i thought. >> reporter: it's the first time in maryland a child predator has been convicted without touching a child in a sexual manner. lawmakers have been watching the case closely. >> the intent of the legislation did not require physical touching which a lot of people might assume. >> reporter: in court the judge stated that the letters bordered on obsession. he gained her trust and abused that trust. >> as a teacher's aid why would you do that? didn't you know you crossed the line? >> reporter: walker is free until his sentencing in january. he's already been ordered to stay away from any children under 18, except his own two kids. >> i'm sure we'll be asking for jail time. >> reporter: in howard county, maryland, kathleen cairns, for fox news. well the skins try to rebound from a heartbreaker and they have to do it on the road.
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the team is in st. louis to take on the rams so can they get back in the w column after the tough loss to the texans. dave ross is here with a preview of the matchup. >> it's never easy to win on the road, right? we'll find out today. it's the first test. hopefully this is a test they'll pass. >> and i love the matchup between the two quarterbacks. >> that's one of the guys we're going to talk about right now. and we have to hope there is no houston hangover today because in all honesty, the skins are flat out bedder -- better than the rams and you mentioned one. the skins hope he doesn't get his first win today. he would be quarterback sam bradford and so far so good for the rams new franchise player. bradford was the first overall pick in the draft and he's already showing big-time promise. now the rams decided to throw their star right into the mix and he's been impressive in the first two games this season, albeit two losses.
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but the skins say they will not take this rookie lightly. >> watching him a lot throughout he's collegiate career and he did pretty good. he's very impressive. he's the type of guy that comes around every ten years, he's that type of quarterback. >> you would like to get him early in his career rather than late because he does have the make of being a good quarterback. you see some of the young rookie quarterbacks struggle early in their careers but it's not the case with him. >> now strike up the band, we have a big day here on fox 5. 11:30, redskins pregame. lindsey murphy is live and dave feldman here in the studio. and at noon the fox crew takes over. and at 4:15, redskins and rams and we wrap it up tonight on sports extra. and coming up later, big albert haynesworth sounded off last night and we'll tell you what
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he had to say. it's always inflammable with this guy. and we'll give you our american idol picks, who we would have as the panel and judges. >> to judge others or to judge yourself? >> well we don't want to judge ourselves. that would be an ugly show that would watch and the ratings right down the tank. >> we look forward to seeing that later in the show. well looking to save a few extra bucks. you could be throwing away cash without realizing it. how a good look at your trash could end up saving you money. >> if republicans are wrapping their arms around others. >> a bill to fund residents and first responders with health problems after 9/11 is slated to be introduced this week. 
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making headlines, the first of three capsules built to rescue the 33 chilean miners has arrived. the capsule will be sent down
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rescue holes that are being drilled and pull the men out one by one. two backup devices are expected to be delivered sometime next week. the miners are not expected to be rescued until late october or early november. alleged victims of child abuse by catholic priests are holding the first public meeting. the aim is to talk about experiences and appeal for help in seeking justice for those that have been abused. italian bishops say 100 cases of priest abuse have been investigated in the past decade but some attending the conference believe the number is higher than that. a 10-month settlement freeze ends today on the settlements in east jerusalem. the u.s. launched last-minute efforts to prevent peace talks from collapsesing. hillary clinton and george mitchell have been meeting with both sides to reach a compromise. they are urging israel to
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extend the settlement freeze. a man serving in iraq is suing for the maryland november election. they aim to protect the voting rights of those in uniform. house leaders are bringing back a bill that would a lot $7.5 billion for residents and first responders with health problems after 9/11. democratic leaders brought it to the house in late july under a procedure called a supermajority, meaning republicans could not add amendments and the bill died and that set off emotional finger pointing. >> you could pass this bill if you wanted to. you are in control. you have the power. you have the responsibility. >> if republicans are wrapping their arms around republicans rather than doing the right thing to the heroes. it is a shame. a shame! >> this time the bill needs a simple majority but some called it a new entitlement program that would increase taxes on
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businesses. well lots of people are looking for ways to scrimp and save in a struggling economy but they don't realize how much money they are throwing away. our fox 5 money team digs deep to show you how to find extra cash in your trash. >> jeff yeager knows a lot of things, but one of his favorite subjects is trash. >> here is the great news if you're a cheapskate like me, which is by producing less trash you're going to save money and that's what my trash autopsy is all about. >> reporter: a trash autopsy says yeager, is a thorough dissection of your discard, garbage and recycling. >> look at that. see what i'm talking about. it's incredible. >> reporter: what you find will tell you where your throwing money away. >> when i look in a dumpster like this, it's like looking in a bank account. >> reporter: first he picks on plastic water bottles. >> it would cost $1,400 a year to get your bottles of water as
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opposed to getting it out of the tap. >> reporter: lots of packaging means you could shop smarter. >> it's probably costing you 50- 150% more to buy the small containers versus buying in bulk. >> reporter: foothill food boxes to another leak in your budget. >> you could save 80% by preparing food at home. >> reporter: yeager suggests composting instead of putting food scraps in the trash. >> you can use that to polish furniture with. i'm not kidding. it's great for that. >> and here is jeff's way to put phone books to use. >> i like to use them as wipes and to wrap things like cookies in the freezer, but then again i'm a cheapskate. >> reporter: and he has an issue with drying. >> if you dry them on the line
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it's $1,000 in savings and producing less trash. >> reporter: through humor and spend-thrift savvy, yeager is spreading his message that the less we consume, the more we have for ourselves and future generations. well three scares in the skies and unruly passenger and emergency landing in the u.s. plus a bowing 777 with 300 people aboard forced to land. what prompted an evacuation. and airlines take notice of the impact of facebook. how the networking giant is reshaping the business and why you might get more than just a friend. 
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i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homebuilder.  my father brought me up to give back to society... felicia jackson promised her late sister that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around, he would have told me, with no doubt... he would have told me it's a no brainer and i knew that from the start. it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer
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funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. troubles in the skies. an unruly passenger forced pilots to return a plane to seattle international airport. that passenger was detained. also a jet carrying 60 passengers from atlanta to new york made an emergency landing
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at jfk last night because of landing gear problems. no one was hurt in that incident and the faa is investigating. and canadian police are investigating whether a bomb scare on board a flight from toronto to pakistan is a terrorism hoax. authorities got a tip of a passenger carrying a bomb. the plane made an emergency landing in sweden. all 270 people on board were evacuated and a canadian man was briefly detained. but no explosives have been found. well facebook is having a huge impact on how we all communicate with each other. with 500 million active accounts, it's a potential marketing mecca for businesses and of course airlines have taken notice as well. but when you add an airline to your list of likes, you can get more than just a friend? matt grubbs finds out. >> reporter: facebook, your home away from home. home to all of your friends, your likes, your dislikes and your favorite airlines. >> for the last two years, almost all of the airlines have
8:25 am
been below the irs for customer satisfaction surveys and if you're below the irs you're not in good shape. >> reporter: fair said airlines reason facebook are a natural fit. >> it's easy to get the hard stories out where people jump out of airlines down slides with a couple of beers and those go viral. it's harder to do the things where they go right. >> no business can ignore 500 million potential customers where positive flying experience stories spread with a key stroke and a click. but facebook and the privacy woes present a clem as -- a dilemma and opportunity. >> you're chatting with somebody on twitter or facebook and you say i'm interested in going to new york and you have a message from southwest airlines saying i have a cheap price. >> that's creepy. >> reporter: to be clear they are not doing that now. but some offers could be disconcerning. >> they should let people decide when they want to fly
8:26 am
and work on customer service. >> reporter: and delta is already offering ticket buying through facebook and american and southwest say they are not on board that flight yet. both have boltsterred their social media presence. it may not be everywhere. >> even though my kids will do it before me, yes. >> they will be soon. matt grubbs, fox news. well here are stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. a couple of milestones tomorrow. google celebrates the 12th birthday and the ford 150 is 63 years old. the automaker has seen profitable numbers. tuesday consumer confidence numbers come out and this will be a key indicator for the economy. and john stamos appears on glee this week. and figures will help gage where the u.s. job market is
8:27 am
headed. and friday yosemite national park celebrates it's 120th birthday. it is the third national park on october 1st, 1890 after being famous for meadows. and republicans rolled our their pledge to america in maryland. they are hoping to propel the party back to the majority in house and senate. we talk with house leaders from both sides and we'll get a preview. and gwen will be back with a look at today's weather and a cooldown for the workweek. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. n fiber one chewy bar.
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these are the things the american people are demanding and our pledge to america is that the republicans stand ready to get it done and beginning today. >> republican leaders laid out their pledge to america in sterling, virginia this past week. the g.o.p. said they'll put people back to
8:31 am
work and amending the economic stimulus program. chris wallace joins us with a preview of today's program. >> good morning. melanie. and this is it, 45 pages, a lot of interesting proposals and nice pictures and this is the g.o.p. agenda going into the election in november. >> so chris, it's been described as not quite a contract, more than an agenda and you've read it, do you think it will win over the independents. >> i don't think that's the key point: 80% backs the partyandd the 20% present their ideas. democrats say that we're the party of no. no, we have ideas and you can see them right here. i think the fact of the agenda is por important than anything in it. >> but this has been discussed in detail. one of the dangers is you've
8:32 am
been pushed into putting something on paper because the democrats are painting you as the party of no, and no ideas, and now you do give them something to aim at. >> but i have to say, there is nothing in here that is very specific, quite frankly. and that's one of the criticisms of it, or very important. it's lower taxes, less government spending, smaller government, more of a basis on the constitution. every law would have to -- this is one specific new thing which is obviously an appeal to the tea party, any specific law would have to say what in the constitution allows it, permits this law to be passed. nothing tarriblely shock -- terribly shocking. it won't help republicans, but it won't get them in trouble. >> and one of the things they were picking on is that you would put a freeze on federal hiring. it sounds good, but even people that think the government is
8:33 am
over loaded, they appreciate some of the government functions. >> this may not be a governing document as much as it is a political document. there are a lot of things when we'll talk with john bay nor and be the next speaker he'll be our exclusive guest at the top of the hour and there will be a lot of things to ask him about. i think this is more of a political document and that a governing document and to say we'll stop the increase and size of the government is a pretty popular notion to have. >> i agree with that's what people want to hear. i know you'll have on steny hoyer as a counter point to that, the house majority leader. chris, do you see this pledge being used as a -- will it play out in campaigns? will they ask people to use it? not like having to sign a contract, but think they'll go in there and say i agree with this. >> no. i think this is a way to deal with a problem that they were
8:34 am
seeing as the party or they were being accused of being the party of no. if you're a republican right now, i want to make this as little about yourself and as much as possible about the president, the democratic congress, and the economic conditions in this country. unemployment is high, deficits are huge. growth is slow. that's what you want to talk about. you don't want to talk about your agenda. >> chris, we look forward to that debate that you're going to have this morning. so thank you so much for your time. >> thanks, melanie. >> and you can catch fox news sunday at 10:00 a.m. right after our show. heavy rains caused landslides in venezuela and other cities. 7 people were killed and dozens more were hurt. some were trapped when cars were submerged with mud. crews are still trying to rescue in victims from that. and we're going to go to
8:35 am
gwen tolbert down in the weather center for our changes. >> we have a change in temperatures and much-needed rainfall. let's look at radar and we'll show you what we are talking about. light rain moving into the area. and just some sprinkles that you're seeing right now as we can take a look at our max hd radar and show you that. just gradually going to continue to increase into the course of today as well as heavier as we move through into tonight. to the weather maps then, temperatures now at the airports are actually into the 60s. so much cooler than yesterday is what we're headed for. and here is a look at temperature as long the mid- atlantic where we have 64 at boston, 64 in beckley, west virginia and 71 at richmond and 67 at d.c. so for today we're talking a few sprinkles to start out. and as we move through the course of the day into this even -- evening and tonight. your full forecast just ahead. big changes for some of you that commute by bus in falls
8:36 am
church. tomorrow it is the end of the line at one local service. what is behind the drastic cut and are there any alternatives? oweanyo.
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we have a traffic alert to pass along. there will be several closures near the telegraph road interchange because of the construction. south exit ramp to theil will be closed from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. that's tonight through next friday. and also parts of telegraph road north and south will both be narrowed to one lane from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each day, monday until friday. well starting tomorrow you'll have one less option when it comes to getting around falls church. city shut down it's george bus service in an effort to save $120,000 a year. it handled about 70,000 trips to and from the east and west falls church metro station each year. >> bus service is something communitied rely on. whether it's for citizens daily use or just as a backup.
8:40 am
>> i was thankful and grateful that there was a bus i could take. i was driving to work and then had to put my car in the shop. >> reporter: in the city of falls church, virginia, one of the options is going away. the city's clean diesel george bus was environmentally friendly when it started running routes in 2003. >> it's a tough decision. >> reporter: the city manager said a loss of partial state funding for the service left the council with few choices. >> the city of falls church is not alone in that, but in looking at ways to reduce expenses, george had to be part of that discussion. >> reporter: starting september 27th, george's run is over. >> it will effect a lot of people that were counting on that bus. even though it may not have made a lot of stops. >> reporter: it's a small service by most city standards. just four buss to cover the 2.2 square miles. still most residents say they appreciate george, for its
8:41 am
safety, reliability and for low fares. >> it's a great service but it just can't compete. value is good. it's 70 cents cheaper for a ride. >> reporter: residents will still have metro bus to take them to and from train stations so they won't be stranded. >> everybody in the city is within a quarter of a mile of a frequent bus service. >> reporter: they are still losing a source of pride and george becomes just one more bit of wreckage along recession road. >> well the four george buses were paid for with a federal grant so the city is transferring ownership to arlington county and they will be used in the arlington rapid transit system. well as the skins prepare for the rams, the biggest and most expensive player sounds off. we'll tell you what was on big albert haynesworth mind when he speaks, it always is controversial. right, gwen? >> absolutely. and we have rain on our mind. talk about a temperature drop. wait until you see the five-day forecast. i'm going to have the details.
8:42 am
stay with us. we'll be back right after the break. 
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one of the top stories this morning, the hunt is on for a hit-and-run driver in montgomery county. witnesses say a speeding driver hit a 44-year-old woman just after 8:00 last night in the 8700 block of carol avenue in silver spring. woman was then thrown under a parked pickup truck. the victim is in critical condition. well conditions are certainly improving here. i have to tell you, i was amazed at how hot it was over the weekend. it wasn't even enjoyable. >> i know, friday and yesterday. temperatures just well off the charts. they should be nowhere near where they were. but i don't know, mother nature is giving us a little tease of the middle of summer it seemed like as opposed to the end of september. >> i didn't like it. >> i know. let's take a look outside. we have clouds on the increase. i'm sure you're finding it very, very overcast out there. if you stepped outside or
8:46 am
peaked out then your right. clouds are streaming in, a mile a minute. and it's all ahead of wet weather that we'll have that is already invading some of our neighborhoods into the course of the morning and some seeing a few sprinkles. it will continue. we've had 67 days at 90 degrees or above and we've kind the record for a record-hot summer around here. but there are cooler day as head in my forecast. more rainfall moving in. boy, do we need that rainfall. and unsettled days into the beginning of next week. so be prepared for that. but yesterday, as melanie said, it was hot outside. look at these numbers. 93 degrees at national airport. 93 breaking a record at dulles and baltimore hit 91 degrees. we had more 90s across the board and more records broken. 95 degrees, a new record for martinsberg. 93 at charlottesville and 93 at culpeper. so exceptionally hot. temperatures some 17-20 degrees warmer than they should have been and today we'll go the
8:47 am
opposite. we'll head 17-20 degrees cooler than yesterday. it's 67 right now at national airport. 67 at gaithersburg. 59 at frederick. and 64 to the south at culpeper. 65 in fredericksberg. keeping an eye on the tropics still but things are getting better. matthew expected to dissipate into the next 24 hours. but in the meantime, unfortunately for southeastern mexico, they are getting torrential rainfall through here. it is expected to finally weaken and die out. so hang on there. so other than that, not much else happening with it. the rain just hitting that area really badly. on the other side, tropical depression lisa, moving off to the atlantic. and no warnings or watches and it will weaken and dissipate over the next 24-48 hours. now let's take a look at radar. at home, things are a different story. we're starting to get a light rainfall. this will increase into the course of later on tonight. but right now some of you
8:48 am
seeing some sprinkles but off and on through the day this is what we'll end up dealing with. there is a wide swoth of rain and this moisture coming in the gulf of mexico will stream it's way up into our area into the course of today and by tonight it will be heavier. as we go to the weather maps then what, we're talking about is a frontal system. that frontal system is to the south of us. pretty stalled out. and as we move through tonight, we'll see the heavier, steadier rainfall, cooler air behind the front and that's how we get the temperature drop. and then into monday, we'll end up seeing this moving to the north as a warm front and we have a chance of some thunderstorms in our forecast. we're talking about a period of rainfall through tuesday night. so be prepared for that. here is a look at your five-day forecast for you. we are talking about temperatures really cooling down. look at this. that's not our five-day forecast, that's our two-day forecast. we'll show you that later on. but monday thunderstorms, tuesday the same thing. melanie.
8:49 am
>> thanks, goo mean well the burgundy and gold head out on the road for week three. they take on the rams in st. louis and a little bit of tinkering going on leading into the game. dave ross is here for a preview of the matchup. is it fair to say tinkering? >> that's a good word. news use of "tinkering." they did make some moves. receiving brandon banks last night to sign running back ryan torain from the practice squad. but that pails in comparison to big al. he doesn't peek -- speak very often but he decided to talk last night and speaking on the fan, the 100 million-dollar man addressed the whole money issue, saying, and i'll paraphrase and you can read the entire quote, just because somebody pays you money doesn't mean that makes you do whatever they want. that means everything is for sale. i mean, i'm not for sale. yeah, i signed the contract and got paid a lot of money but
8:50 am
just because that doesn't mean i'm for sale or a slave or whatever. stay tuned. i'm sure there is much more to this story in the coming days. there always seems to be with this guy. now with college football. danny o'brien getting his first start for the terps. second quarter they are down 7- 0 but look at this throw to williams. brilliant, corner of the end zone and we are tied at 7. move to the third, tied at 21 and o'brien will go up top for torii smith. and easy on the celebration. it comes up. still okay. the terps win 42-28. how about the hokies in chestnut hill visiting boston college. first and goal for tech. busting it in the end zone. tech up 7-0. now end of the first half, very interesting scenario here. dave shinski is the quarterback. they have no timeouts.
8:51 am
he has to score or get out of bounds. he does neither. they go to the half, and they have nothing and the home fans are nothing about that. and they are more bummed about the third. tyrod taylor using his legs and then throw it deep. 59 yards to danny coal and he will lead his way around defenders setting up a field goal. the hokies shut out the eagles 19-0. the first shutout for tech since 2006. it's now time for off the wall. the part of the show where i change my time and take off my jacket and go mano amano with off the wall. so worth further ado, let's go off the wall. >> welcome to the off the wall with wisdom martin, dave ross. >> we have a big show today.
8:52 am
we all know about the comments by deangelo hall. after last week's game. the skins gave up a touchdown. d'angelo came out afterward and said in a nutshell, i want to cover the number one receiver, nobody else. if i have to go man on man and the other ten fend for themselves, so be it and i don't care what jim hazlett has to say, this is my team and my defense. do you have a problem with that? as your phone goes off? >> this is deangelo hall calling and i say i have no problem. i think he should be on the best receiver. and he just sent me a text message. and he should be on the best player on the team but the only problem is telling the other ten guys to fend for themself because it is a team sport. but i like the swagger. we were just talking about bravado and swagger. >> i don't have a problem with it in a nutshell if they win. but if they lose, that's the type of thing that can become a locker room cancer and that's
8:53 am
why i didn't like the comment in week two. fair enough? >> fair enough. >> let's move on. american idol -- >> they picked the judges. >> they have a new slew of judges. what i want to know, wisdom martin, if you had the power -- >> if i was in power. >> three judges and a moderator who do you pick? >> jamie foxx. >> these are judges. >> patty la bell and mic jagger. that's the trio. >> and my judges is prince. >> i love prince. >> because he could wear what you are wearing. you have purple on. i don't know if his name would be written or a symbol. >> and purple is royalty. >> i like madonna and chad ocho cinco because anything he does is funny to me. >> that's where we have a problem. bad chad, i don't like that. i have jamie foxx for the funny factor. patty la bell because she won't stop talking and mic jagger
8:54 am
because he is mic jagger. >> and now who would moderate all of the talent and all of the singers? >> i'm going with the look factor, lisa ray-mccoy. she's an actress. >> well i'm going close, i'm going with beyonce. have her moderate, and trust me, i would watch every week. >> you're right. that's not bad. i'll be sending you lisa ray. >> no. i'm not rescinding lisa ray. she is it. >> go to and tell us who you would pick as your judges and your moderator and we'll see you next week.
8:55 am
>> we're out. first of all, i think i win with beyonce. >> you could be a fox network executive. you talk just like them. >> you have to go with billy idol. >> oh. >> he's making a comeback and you can not understand a word he says. >> which is half of the appeal. >> so you could stand up there and go, okay, i'll take it. >> whatever he said. >> and if i can pull from the living or dead category, sister mary gregory. she is the hardest grader ever. >> of all time. >> of all time. just two? i'll give you a third. i love the billy idol pick because it's like the anti- ozzie osborne pick because you don't know what they are saying. but you need one more. you have to have three. >> how about something like david letterman or glenn beck. >> david letterman. i like that. although we might have a network problem. >> you have to get somebody else that is controvertial in there. >> well you can still go and vote yourself. go to and click on the "off the wall" tab. >> i vote for you. >> thank you. do you like my picks or wisdom's pick, we'll find out. >> go to the website, well man and machine at
8:56 am
dulles international airport. people tried to pull a massive plane 12 feet. so what is this all about? we'll explain on the other side of the break. n
8:57 am
8:58 am
it's the ultimate game of tug of war. the 18th annual family festival
8:59 am
event at dulles international airport. teams of 25 competed to see who could pull this 164,000-pound airbus the distance of 12 feet the fastest. there were other activities for people to check out and all of the money raised go to the special olympics. we have to have the fox 5 team next year. >> what if you couldn't pull it? i don't think so. feldy, i want feldy on my side. he could help. >> we're going to begin with a look at radar and show you what is happening. we have light rain moving in. some of you seeing just a springle. we look at radar and some of you will see more right now. but it will increase through the course of tonight. a look at our five-day forecast. cooler conditions settling in. take a look at these temperatures. no 90s on this map a chance of thunderstorms as we move through into monday, especially monday night and into tuesday. some thunderstorms could be severe and we peak up to 81 degrees by tuesday. so temperatures overall some 20


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